I finally saw the movie Jane Eyre.  I am planning to watch it again with my daughter who is home on break. I don’t know why, but I am enamored by the simple, rustic shawl she wears.

It reminds me of the shawl worn by Matty in Cranford.  (I love Cranford and also watched Return to Cranford recently.) 

There are discussion groups for Jane Eyre and Gaskell on Ravelry and much discussion has evolved around these shawls.  (There are also discussions about Kate Middleton’s shawl, which I think is cute, but comes down quite long in the front.)

There are many great shawl patterns to peruse, but I really like the Eyre of Romance pattern by Kay Meadors.  I was particularly enamored with Patrice’s version of this pattern.

I love the gentle ruffles and Patrice says that it sits really well on the shoulders.  I am itching to get started.  I’d like to check out the Cascade Ecological Wool that Patrice used.  It has such an earthy, rustic feel.