I’m cheating on my posts because – well – I got a mad Christmas rush of orders, for which I’m grateful!  I started my shopping this past weekend.  After two stores and loud, obnoxious music, I was ready to find a quiet bar with a piano to escape!  (That was in my dreams.)  Speaking of piano, though, my son and daughter will be home in a week or so and I will be hearing lots of piano music.  My son has a gig at a very neat, little bar and we have a ton of family and friends who want to go out to hear him.  Speaking of my son, he’s playing at the Governor’s mansion tonight!  I am so excited for him and can’t wait to hear the details!  It’s a paid gig, too.  Someone saw his trio play at the library (the library has a lovely auditorium) and she remembered him.  He’s hired for solo piano! 

Now, to the inspiration….

Need I say more?
Lori has a beautiful blog where she shares her amazing design eye and ability to create gorgeous, upcycled leather and fabric bags.
I am pretty sure I can increase my miserable sense of style just by having one of these bags.  Don’t you think they would instantly un-frump me?
I am really hoping to get one either for Christmas or my birthday.  But I don’t like knowing what I’m getting – so I have to drop some very strong hints to my husband.  (He’d rather I just buy it myself….)  But Annie can help him!
If you enjoy shopping for yourself or have someone with discriminating taste, head over to Studio Waterstone!