I made this sweatshirt pillow for a customer and thought I’d share how I made it. Follow along using the photos. All you need is your sweatshirt, a size 16 stretch needle and a 32 oz bag of polyfil!


1. Even out the sweatshirt top and bottom.

2. Stitch hood closed by stitching along the existing stitches.

3. Stitch armholes closed by stitching along the existing stitches.

4. Stitch along the bottom band leaving a 10″ opening. I stitched above the band in the existing stitches.

5. Gather your fiberfill and stuff, being sure to break apart the filling, fluff and stuff.

6. Stuff as evenly as possible leaving room to stitch the bottom opening closed.

7. Pin opening.

8. Move your needle position to the left.

9. Stitch opening closed.

Enjoy your pillow! This is perfect for your man cave or the college dorm room! It makes a wonderful gift for a teen.