I am so excited to share my second collaboration with Fiona of Fiona Designs!  Her shop is on a brief hiatus and will return in January but you can look at her amazing note card designs here. Sign up for her email list here. I think her designs lend themselves to tote bags so I asked if she could design some for me. (Watch for oversized totes with her designs coming soon!)

This was our first venture into designing fabric at Spoonflower.  Designers upload their work and Spoonflower prints it onto fabric. I created the basic template for the bags on paper, and Fiona did the difficult work of designing the outline, adding her designs, adjusting colors, scale, etc.!

We used a linen-cotton canvas, which is a lightweight canvas and Fiona designed a fun paw print lining.

I think this would make a perfect gift for the dog-lover in your circle of family and friends. Or simply use it and enjoy it this holiday season as you go about your shopping.

Or, slip your favorite Downton Abbey books in it and head to the coffee shop to get ready for the next season!

You can see the entire listing for the Doggy Reindeer Tote Bag on my Etsy shop here. I am also hosting a giveaway of the green version of this bag. Open to US customers. Good luck!