Watermelon Man

This past week I enjoyed having my oldest son home on “spring break.”  He barely made it home due to a large snowstorm, but the week passed with him catching up on his sleep and me enjoying his piano playing.

He put a jazz trio together during Christmas break.  They sounded so good I wanted to have a little party to showcase their talent.  It was mainly a family party, including my mom, my aunts and uncles and some of my cousins.  The crowd of 30 was about the limit for my space.

I didn’t go overboard with the theme.  Rather, I focused on a simple dinner of pizza, sandwiches (pepperoni rolls and Reuben loaf) and salad.  This freed me up to enjoy the music.

Annie was a sweetie and was my waitress for the night.  I whipped up a little apron in some musical note fabric. (Shown in the unedited photo below.)   She whipped up a black menswear tie.  She looked adorable (but I didn’t get a photo of her in action.)  And let me tell you, she worked hard!  She served guests, passed around appetizers, did the dishes,…. 

My son is back at school now and already the house seems too quiet.

As you might guess, I like to entertain.  We’ve had some busy weekends and it has been great fun.  Next Saturday we have two kids competing in different events:  Science Olympiad and Academic Decathlon.  After that, we hope to have a quiet evening at home…something we haven’t had in a while!