I have three T Shirt quilts in progress that are Christmas gifts. It’s a welcome change from the periodic memorial quilts. Please don’t misunderstand me. I love creating these items. But sometimes the thought of the loss is painful.

I had a customer contact me about creating a memory quilt. Her best friend, at age 31, was killed in a tragic car accident. It immediately brought back memories of my grade school and high school friend who was killed in a terrible accident a few years back.

This customer was given some T Shirts by the young lady’s parents.  She asked me to make a 9-Block quilt that she would put away in her cedar chest to use as a baby blanket some day.

She also wanted me to make a pillow to give to the parents.

 My customer entrusted the fabric selection to me, but asked that it be “whimsical and fun but not baby” design.

I walked the aisles of the fabric store and landed on the black with colorful dots. The colors tie the shirt colors together and polka dots are always whimsical to me!

My customer was thrilled that I placed the “Keep Calm” shirt in the middle. It turns out the two friends met in England and this shirt was a gift.

I think the baby blanket is a wonderful, practical way to use these shirts. They will be part of a celebration of new life! And they will be a reminder of a past life whose memories are treasured.

I hope someday I can see a little baby playing on this blanket!

Thank you for entrusting your precious memories to me!