This lovely yarn has finally been transformed into this lovely vest.  I love, love, love cables, but they do slow my knitting down.  I have even mastered knitting cables without a cable needle, although it was a little difficult with this yarn.

The yarn is a super soft blend of merino, llama, bamboo and Donegal.  I really should have knit a full sweater out of it because I will always wear a shirt underneath the vest and can’t really appreciate its softness.

I knit the large size and planned that there would be a bit of negative ease.  I also extended the length of the vest body below the underarms.

I measured this vest against another that I had knit.  However, I did not take into account the negative ease.  So when I put the vest on my matronly body, it pulls upward.

It especially pulls up in the front.  This is a challenge I need to correct in future knitting projects.

I still have some yarn left so I may add a ribbing.  But not now.  I want to enjoy wearing it for the fall.  You can check out the details on my Ravelry page here!

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