The arrival of the latest Justice shows girls looking through cute, vintage-styled frames.  It reminded me of a frame Annie made in a summer art class.

The teacher provided frames which she had purchased at garage and rummage sales.  The students selected a color palette.  Annie, at that point, had already decided her room would be pink.  She applied a base coat of white paint.  Then she sponge-painted several shades of pink.  I love how the white shows through.  Finally, she selected a darker color and, using a paint brush, speckled the frame.

The teacher also led the class on the creation of a watercolor to be placed inside the frame.  Although Annie found imperfections with her painting, I was in awe of its beauty.  I learned that, although we may think artistic talent is something we are born with (or without), there is much we can learn about art simply by taking a class and trying.
So the next time you are at a garage sale, check out the frames and envision them transformed.