My Friday wrap up. I fear that I may be boring you a bit on my little old blog. If you read my post yesterday, you probably have a feeling of how my year has been. Life is life with all the good and bad mixed in. I’m a blogger who likes to keep things on the positive side. But this year has been challenging. I’ve seen my business grow in an exciting way and I’ve seen life’s challenges grow as well. All is manageable, it just forces me to think about what I am doing. So I have continued to work steadily on my custom orders and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to do so. I feel my creative side has been a bit challenged lately due to time constraints. While I have lots of fun tutorials and upcycled products I’d like to make in addition to all the wonderful custom items, I simply have not had the time. So, what am I trying to say? Thank you. Thank you to my patient customers. Thank you for my future customers who say I have beautiful work. Thank you to my online friends. You have been amazingly supportive! I truly appreciate all of you!
And now, the sewing…..the sweetest old lady called me, near tears to tell me she got my name from her Grief Support Group. Her husband passed away three months ago and it would’ve been 50 years of marriage for them. They used to enjoy going to Hawaii and this was his favorite shirt. She did not want the shirt cut apart. Rather, she wanted a memory pillow with the sleeves sewn down so that it would look like the shirt was just tossed on the couch. The top photo is rather lumpy because I did not have a pillow form. She’s going to add the form plus additional stuffing since the shoulders will be at an angle. I can’t wait for her to receive it and hope it brings her some comfort.

For another, very dear customer, I made two T Shirt quilts and a memory pillow. The first is for her boyfriend. He loves castles and she sent me a photo of one he built in his backyard – very cool! So I took the blanket to Squire’s Castle when I went there to shoot Annie’s homecoming dress.

The other quilt is for her son. It consists mostly of baseball shirts, so she selected a baseball motif fabric.

This memory pillow is also for her son. I like the use of denim. I also like that it is a happy memory!

Have a great weekend!