I’m sharing two blankets today. If you like music, you may want to check out these shirts! This amazing 25 Block T Shirt Memory Blanket is amazing for several reasons. First, it is a gift from a woman to a special best girlfriend. Many of these shirts arrived brand new and the entire package came from Australia! Some of the graphics were very interesting and quite large. Rather than cut them into uniform squares, I combined the longer graphics with shorter ones.

This shirt is an original Woodstock shirt!

I also received a collection of Dave Matthews Band shirts for this 9 Block blanket.

I hope you are all doing well. I have been transitioning to the fall schedule – eeking out the last bit of summer and getting four kids into college and high school. I have a full queue of blankets on the horizon, so if you are considering purchasing one as a Christmas gift, please contact me soon as I expect I will have to close orders. I have a few other creations to share soon. I hope you are invigorated by the hint of fall.