I thought I’d gather a few gift ideas if you have someone who loves to sew on your list. Some of these are items I have. Some are items I’d like to have! Many of these were given to me by my husband over the years. (I originally wrote this post last year. Some of the items are sold out, but I left them in so you could look for similar items if you are interested. I’ve added a few new ideas, too.)

 Let’s start with machines.

Janome Memory Craft 6300 – This is my machine. I have not written a review yet on my blog, but this is a wonderful machine for those entering into a more professional realm. It has a larger distance than most machines between the needle and side which makes it great for quilting.  It sews very well over thick layers. It has a large number of stitches and is at a price point significantly lower than most professional machines. I’ve had mine for a year now and just love it.

Janome Serger – This serger looks like a beauty! I have no idea how expensive it is, but it does both overlock and cover hem. Usually you need two machines to do that!

The Huskylock 901 – I received this as a gift from my husband a number of years ago. This serger has been a workhorse. I have used it a ton! I only recently have had frustrations with it because of the baby clothes memory quilts I am making. I sew over 3-5 layers of clothing, which is why I’d like more of a workhorse of a serger. If and when I upgrade, Annie will get my serger and I’m sure she’ll get many more years of service from it. I am currently using a Juki  MO 654 DE. This has also been a workhorse serger.  The blade design is a little different which helps when sewing layers.

Singer – My first sewing machine was a Singer. I sewed on it for 17 years with very few problems. I still have it but do not use it. I can’t bear to part with it. We bought Annie an entry-level Singer machine 3 years ago. She has used it a ton! It took her a while to get used to the bobbin – which is not a drop-in. When my friends ask about sewing machines for their kids, I do not hesitate to recommend this. We got it for a little more than $100. To get a machine with a drop-in bobbin, it was an additional $150.  Annie has grown to understand her machine. As her business ramped up, she upgraded to a Janome 3160 QDC. This has been a wonderful machine for her so far.  It has many of the features of my machine, including automatic cutter, and yet it is lightweight, making it easy for her to take back and forth to school.

Brother – I have not sewn on a brother, but when I was researching machines a year ago, the Project Runway was listed as the best in Consumer Reports.

Every sewist would love an adorable pin cushion. I love the creations from Smith Dry Goods. I bought myself the pincushion ring and adore it!

You can find some great jewelry and accessories on Etsy! Simply search on sewing pendants.

Good cutting tools are a must. Here are a few of my favorites.

Thread might seem like a boring gift. But a thread set, such as this Guttermann set, is fun to receive. I love having lots of colors available to me.

There are so many interesting buttons! Here are some beach shard buttons on Etsy!.

Here are some fun sewing-themed accessories.

I love my cutting mat. Before I had a cutting table I would use it on top of the kitchen table.

I love receiving handmade gifts – even if I can make them myself! A sewing caddy is always fun.

A woman can never have too many totes!  I have pinned a ton of tote tutorials that you can check out.

Classes! Why not give the gift of a class. That is something that I often won’t spend money on myself. You can give a gift card from Craftsy or pick out a specific class.

A craft apron is very handy both for working and for craft shows.

This thread spool ornament is adorable and simple to make!

Combine my two favorite hobbies – sewing and drinking wine – with this DIY thread spool wine stopper!

I added these Wonder Clips to my studio this year and find them so useful! I use them especially when making totes.

Why can’t they design sewing machines with proper lighting? Have you ever tried sewing anything black at night? It’s impossible! But even during the day I need additional lighting aimed right at my sewing foot. I have not tried an LED set like this one yet.  I currently use a swing-arm style lamp that I can move around.

I’m still searching for the perfect marking pen. I’d like to give this Sewline a try.

I have also recently discovered Frixion pens which disappear with heat. (Always test your pens first!)

These are just a few ideas I have gathered. I’d love to hear your ideas! Feel free to share a link and I’ll add it to my list.  I’ve created a Pinterest Board, too, of gift ideas for Sewists.