Annie surprised me by making this wine cork bulletin board.  I had snagged a bunch of corks last year and kept them in our craft room.  She found a shadow box frame at JoAnns and filled it with corks.  I love it!
One day after she stole the corks, I went looking for them and was sure I’d lost my mind.  I had wanted to use them to make a gift for our neighbors.  I had to seek out more corks.  Many of the local wineries were very generous in providing me with corks so we could make this tray/trivet.
Our neighbors are involved with a wine event that is a fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  We used the complimentary wine glasses to make wine glass candles.  We melted Glass Fill Wax, added dye and poured it into the glass along a pre-waxed wire wick.  This was our first adventure into candle making and we were surprised how much it shrinks.  After the first pouring had cooled overnight we did a second pour.
In addition to these handmade gifts, I thought you might be inspired by some other wine-related gifts I received.  This beautiful wine stopper from our neighbors.
And bottles of wine covered with cute accessories from our friends!
To enjoy all that wine I was given some Martha Stewart wine glasses and adorable wine charms.
Finally, I received a dummy-proof (?) Houdini wine opener.