Thank you for all the kind comments about Annie’s dress.  I will share details of the prom dress soon!  (You can get a sneak peek over on my Facebok page.)  I was feeling like a failure because I could not succeed at the “strapless” design.  (It was falling off of her if she breathed a certain way despite getting the bodice as tight as can be.)  So despair turned to inspiration and I added rhinestone straps.  I am still critical of it, but what else is new?

I have also started my daughter’s T Shirt Memory Quilt.  That should be wrapped up by the weekend.

In the meantime, I want to share with you the last of my mod dot bags.  The bulk of this fabric is gone!  I will have enough for some more sea shell bags and you might find some scraps in some future items, but I have

One oversized tote left

And one large tote left

What’s the difference between the two bags?  They are both about the same width, but the oversized bag is about 3 inches deeper and has a larger boxed bottom.  Both are big bags!  I like to keep mine loaded with towels and ready to grab whenever we head to the beach.  Others may choose to keep it folded up for those beach trips!

Complete the set with this shell-seeker bag!