These Grab Bags from looked like a fun and simple project.  It is the project that my 16 year old daughter honed in on for her friends.  So we went stash diving and shopped for some fabrics.  I whipped one up today for a birthday party she has to attend later.  What I like about this project is that it uses one pattern piece.  It only requires 1/2 yard each of a fabric, lining and craft fleece, so costs around $5- $7 each.  (The pattern calls for 3/4 yard of the main fabric for a pocket.  We skipped this step to save time and money.)  What I didn’t like about the pattern is that it was a bit “fiddly.”  I use this term a lot when describing patterns that have some extra steps.  For example, the bag is sewn on the bottom half.  The tops are sewn separately.  Also, the handles have to be sewn together in a special way.  It took about an hour to make.  Overall, she and I are pleased and will crank out five more this week that she will fill with treats for her friends.