I am in full graduation mode!  (And I just did this all last year…).  My daughter is graduating in a week, so amidst the honor banquets, concerts, and end-of-year activities, I’m preparing for a graduation party with about 100 guests.  (We have big families!)

Inspired by Liz from Living My Sweet Life, I went to check out the quilts over at Amy’s Creative Side, who is hosting a quilt festival.

Amy's Creative Side

Take a look if you want to be amazed.  I don’t pretend that my quilts are in the same class as those beautiful quilts, but my T Shirt Quilts do tell a story.

This is the story of an amazing young lady.  She was reading at a young age and aspired to acquire knowledge all of her 17 years!  She started piano lessons (a requirement in the family) and grew to become an accomplished accompanist.  In addition, she plays clarinet in the marching and concert bands.

So this musical sashing fabric was the perfect choice for this quilt.  The various colors of the notes help to tie together the variety of colors in the tee shirts.

A 12 T Shirt Quilt hardly can tell the entire story of her life.  (When I graduated from high school, I was known as a hard-working, bright gal.  But today, high school kids are freaks of nature!  Not only do they balance difficult work loads, but they are involved in tons of extra-curricular activities!)

Usually when I make a T Shirt Quilt for a high school grad, the grad selects the shirts.  We all know how they collect them!  But they also have a hard time parting with them.  (Sometimes moms will buy a second t shirt just to put in the quilt.)  So my daughter selected a prom shirt, marching band and a shirt from the Fest, an amazing festival filled with Christian rock bands.

And yes, she **hearts** Brady Quinn.  Long story behind that….but I will save that for my special graduation post about her.

Her years have been filled with playing piano.  She played for the local youth chorus, playing many venues from downtown theaters to a square in Copenhagen.  She also played for the high school musicals.

This past year she was the music director for the musical.  Not only did she attend the rehearsals, she played the lead piano and conducted the pit!  

The part that I love most about making T shirt quilts is that they often tell the extraordinary story of ordinary lives.

The part that the recipient loves the best?  That this is a cozy, functional blanket!  The high school grads love to take these to college and they are completely washable.  (I’m proud to say my son’s blanket came back intact!)

With fleece on the back and being machine washable, this quilt is meant to be used!  Although it is nice enough to display, too.

One quilt.  Twelve T Shirts, a fraction of what she owns.  One amazing girl.