Graduation season is upon us!  Do you know how you have those years where you cycle through a lot of events?  This summer is one of those for us!  We have at least six graduation parties and three weddings!  It will be very exciting.

If you are like me, even if you give money, you love to give a handmade gift.  (If you are like my husband, you “say it with cash.”)

It’s no surprise that I give T Shirt Quilts.  You can make one using my pattern or kit!  

But another idea is a sweatshirt tote.  This is one of my most popular tutorials.  I have evolved the handles to various styles.  You can try your luck at the thrift shops to find an old sweatshirt that you can upcycle for a favorite grad.  Some that I’ve made:

I recently completed a custom request for a sweatshirt tote.

She asked for the name to be used on the inside, so I lined the bag with remnant duck cloth and appliqued the name onto it.

What are your favorite grad gifts to give?