Four graduation parties in two weeks! Lots of parties, lots of fun gatherings and lots of T Shirt Memory Quilts!

I love to see the stories that these quilts tell.  I’m sharing a few of the photos from the photo shoots.  I am still compelled to photograph each blanket that I make.  I am trying to be a bit more creative with my photos so I have been rolling around in the grass (sorry for that visual) and sneaking onto golf courses!  If you want to see all my photos, check out the Facebook links.

He arranged the shirts by the front and back of his football shirts on the left and right sides, respectively and from 9th to 12th grade going from top to bottom.

Part of my sister’s display wall!

All the recipients were so gracious and appreciative!  Wonderful kids with bright futures!  
I’m not quite done with graduation season…but I’m taking a break from grad parties because my baby is turning 13 this weekend!!!  What is life but a collection of celebrations of milestones…..