A remnant from a strapping young man’s baby blanket. I sewed it onto the back and added a fabric label.

It seems that it is always graduation season here at Maiden Jane.  I have a demand for blankets that builds up through May and June. And then there is the rush in August before the high school grads are heading off to college.  I am still finishing up some of those blankets. And a few blankets that did not have a deadline got pushed back – too far back. So this fall I am taking a closer look at how I manage my custom projects and plan to develop more realistic time frames.

I’m sharing some of my recent blankets, more from the standpoint of recording the various options for my customers to see. I also plan to focus on my website this fall and need to think about how best to show the variations of my products. If you want to take a look at my website and offer suggestions, I’d welcome them! On Etsy we are limited to five photos, so that does not make it easy to show the possibilities.

This blanket uses an extra cuddle fleece. It’s thicker than the regular polar fleece and I have used this for baby blankets.