My neighbor is always bringing me unique upcycle projects. Last year, she brought me the four, personalized Halloween candy totes she had. Now that her kids aren’t trick or treating she asked me to make a wall quilt to hang on her door.

I didn’t have the time to get it done last year, but had it on the schedule for this year. We chatted back and forth via text (I know….) about what she wanted. I looked to Pinterest for inspiration and we settled on a border of quilted fabrics. I didn’t want it to be too kitschy, and she wanted some solid fabrics. I had a hard time finding the colors I wanted in the standard quilting fabric, so I started with the Halloween fabrics at Joanns. I like the polka dot fabric because it adds some dimension without being too overwhelming. And the border with a combination of solids and a large number of Haloween fabrics adds whimsy.

She wanted it to be quilted. The batting I used flattened out quite a bit. It was a medium loft poly. Thankfully, the personalized totes were all made of fabric and foam, so they are quite dimensional.

This was a fun and creative way to recycle old Halloween totes!