My friend Bonnie sent me this photo. Her friend saw it on the Today show. I love the simplicity of it and may have to give it a try. It reminds me a bit of the jewelry holders my son made for his sisters. (I believe this was a Martha Stewart idea.)

I’m rarely inspired to decorate for Fall and/or Halloween. In fact, I’m a bit of a Halloween scrooge. I think it harkens back to my days as a kid. Halloween was all about trick or treating. My mom didn’t make me a costume. I don’t think she even bought me a costume. We had to be creative on our own to plan a costume. And then we’d gather with our friends, head to the convent first, because that was across the boulevard, and because they gave out the big Slo-Pokes! Then we’d run to as many houses as possible before we got too tired or one of our parents came looking for us.

These days we have about 10 Halloween parties before it’s even Halloween! I hated that when my kids were little. It takes the special-ness away from the holiday. And it seems like the adults are just as into it as the kids are these days!

I do have some generic Fall decorations and our friends give us some fun Halloween items to put around the house. I suppose it is time to dig those out. It just hasn’t seemed like a nice Fall this year. After a really hot, dry summer, we are having a bit of a damp, chilly Fall.  We’ve had some nice days, too, but it feels like we are quickly heading toward Winter!

Speaking of Winter and holidays….I set a goal for myself to have all my Christmas shopping done in October. Of course, I don’t feel like doing that, either! I always dream about doing it so I can relax during the holiday season. Also, I expect I’ll be busy with custom orders right up until Christmas. But it’s hard to get into the mood for Christmas shopping in October.

Have you ever done that?

What about Halloween? Do you just love it or are you, like me, a bit of a “Hallo-weenie?”