A birdy for Sondra.  Thanks to the ladies at French Picnic for the inspiration.  The lace wings are made of lace belonging to Sondra’s late mother.
 Sponge Bog pj bottoms, made by 10 year old son for his (almost) 18 year old brother.
One more grab bag from 10 yo to 16 yo sister
And a tote to carry a Shirley Temple – from 10 yo to 13 yo sister.

My 10 yo also knit this dishcloth for me (sis helped a bit.)

 My 13 yo daughter, once again, made all of her gifts.  In addition to making me the wine cork bulletin board she made me this fantastic MP3 case.

   It is lined in a fun fabric and includes a belt clip.

She made her brother and sister each a pair of flannel pjs.

 Annie made her father a knitting kit.  We have taught him to knit, but he likes things that come in discrete packages.  So we put an old “Learn to Knit” leaflet, some alpaca yarn I had bought a while back and a simple pattern for a scarf.  (With a February birthday around the corner, I did this completely unselfishly….)
She whipped up the cutest little drawstring bag to hold it all.

I managed to finish one more helmet liner and gave it to my husband.

It was fun to catch the handmade spirit this year.  For the younger ones, it kept the anticipation of Christmas at bay, offered an affordable alternative to buying all their presents and gave them a huge sense of accomplishment.
We share many lovely presents, too, with family and friends.  We were quite spoiled, really.  I am truly grateful.