I know I am probably the only blogger that is posting about Christmas, but I’ve never pretended to be a trendsetter.  (I like to think of myself as classic….)

I kept my handmade holiday simple this year with the monogrammed mugs, mug rugs and cocoa (posted here.)  But Annie, my 14 yo, created up a storm.  She made at least two gifts for all of us!

For her father, she made customized composition books. He uses these for his daily “to do” lists and project lists so she simply made a collage on the computer to fit the cover and laminated it with contact paper.

She also painted him a tin can in the image of his favorite beer.

Annie whipped up THREE ties!  Two for her rockin’ brother and one for her father.  She modified a pattern from Sew, Mama, Sew! to make a skinny tie.

For her sister, she sewed this tote along with a matching cell phone case.   (This has been her “go to” bag pattern this year and is very popular with all the ladies.  See some in other fabrics here.)

For her youngest brother she made a simple, shiny iron-on shirt and some flannel pjs.

I received three lovely and very practical gifts from Annie.  She made me two different eyeglass holders.  One which is more “Marian the librarian” and one in which you can slide the glasses into a ring.

I also received a cell phone case with detachable strap.  It matches my messenger bag.

She also helped her brother create a handmade gift for me:  a mug rug!  It has been well-used already, hence the coffee stain.

At one point, my 11 yo son said that it was a lot easier to go to the “Santa Shop” at school.  But ultimately, he loves creating things and enjoyed the process of making gifts for his family.  We start with a huge binder of ideas that we have saved over the years and find things that would make suitable gifts.

For his dad, he created this driftwood frame.  It couldn’t have been easier – especially since we found an amazing piece of driftwood on my husband’s basement shelf.  We simply hot-melt glued mini clothespins to it.

For his brother, we made our special fudge recipe, but that disappeared quickly, so no picture.  His sisters have been accumulating more necklaces, so we settled upon this wonderful craft.  We have corkscrew willows that drop branches all the time so he collected some branches and we let them dry out.  Dad helped his screw a hole into a base and then let him paint them.  They are so pretty and functional.

Finally, even my brainiac, non-crafty daughter got in the handmade spirit.  She created a CD of Christmas music.  She played piano and her friend played sax.  It is gorgeous and I will enjoy it every Christmas for years to come!

Here’s the duo on YouTube video.  (They were practicing during a study hall when some faculty members came in to listen and record them – hence the young lady in the middle who was just studying!)

I hope that your Christmas and New Year were filled with some handmade goodness and lots of love of family and friends.