Happy Festivus!  I don’t think I tracked my grievances very well this year. And I also think I publicly aired quite a few. But here’s a few of mine. I included last year’s also (so I wouldn’t repeat any….) Feel free to share your pet peeves with me!


– turning 50 and seeing your job posted on Monster
– the warm air blasting at you when you walk through double doors (especially at a hospital – don’t breathe!)
– teachers who do not grade tests and homework before giving another test
– the Muppets
– pictures of Ryan Gosling in my Facebook feed
– the shrinking of our newspaper and the lack of good opinion articles
– sewing 5 buttons BACK on a winter coat my daughter bought from Macy’s!
– drivers who do not stop at a stop sign or light or driveway or who speed up to the street without looking. I encountered this problem a lot this year and had to slam on my breaks for fear the driver would crash into me!
– people who sit in front of me at Church that get all touchy/feely – rubbing her spouse’s back, massaging his neck


– getting the last bit of salt out of the container
– turnpike stops
– cashiers who complain
– dribbly noses
– poor road designs – “No right turn between 8 AM and 12 PM” (My first traffic ticket…)
– pocket linings that rip
– bra straps that fall down
– tank tops that don’t cover my bra straps
– hotel showers in which the water doesn’t drain fast
– hotel shower curtains that touch me
– hotels, in general
– the breeze created by a jogger passing by
– a sneeze that isn’t covered
– poor manufactured quality (This is a biggie for me.  Just this week the ball bearings in our wheels cost us $600 to repair.  The front ones were recalled, but not the back.  The other day our power strip burned out. Yesterday, my Wilton cookie press broke.  My sister still has the one my mom used!  Nothing is made well anymore.  I think I’ve already shared that all but one appliance broke within the first year of buying them.  Our plasma tv lasted 4 years.  The computer I am using to write this – it’s dying fast – four years old.)