I was inspired (as always) by Sarah’s post , in turn inspired by another blogger, to use one word to shape my new year, rather than a list of resolutions.  It’s not that I don’t believe in resolutions. I do.  I usually make and break the same ones every year:  I will lose weight, I will be a more patient mother, I will make everyone a handmade gift ….  And perhaps if I was a more diligent goal-maker I’d be more successful at achieving my goals.  I admire Lou Holtz for writing down his 100 goals in life and then achieving them, one by one. 

But the one word goal is an intriguing one.  CREATE?  Well, I have to do that because it’s like breathing to me.  I like Sarah’s word:  DISCIPLINE.  I could definitely use a plan to be more in CONTROL of my life…as in I control what I eat, I control how I manage my internet life, I control how to organize my day.  So I am, at least, motivated to attempt a weekly plan where I block out time for crafting, working, laundry, …

Last night we managed to see a movie as a family (teens and all!)  We saw the Blind Side.  I loved it.  I laughed.  I cried.  I was amazed at how lives could be changed by simple actions.  There is a point in the movie where the mom questions her motives.  Why do we perform acts of charity?  Do we do it to make ourselves feel better?  I think about these things often.  I cannot express my thoughts eloquently, however.  But I have been inspired by the word “agape” after reading some works by C. S. Lewis.  (Side note:  Shadowlands is one of my favorite movies.)  It is a hard word for me to fully understand, let alone explain.  (You can google it.)  But it’s a type of love that goes beyond the love that you and I commonly think of as love.  It goes beyond charity; beyond kindness.  I think the Blind Side teaches us about agape.

I hope that I can focus on living my life around this word for the new year.