Readers, if you are even reading, thank you for bearing with my blanket blitz! I really like to record my blankets (maybe some day I’ll get over that????) and it works best if I can record them in my blog. Especially since I can then pin them and many folks are seeing my work on Pinterest (for which I’m grateful! Thanks for sharing!)

It doesn’t seem possible, but each blanket brings new variations. This blanket is for a high school grad and his mom sent a number of photo blocks printed on cotton.  I put a frame around each picture and added them into the entire mix.

This one has a black sweatshirt fleece backing and a black, cotton border. I really like the border around the front and it facilitated some ease in blanket construction.

Mom told me that she cried when she opened it. She was going to give it to her son for graduation, but couldn’t wait, so she gave it to him a few days early. Here he is taking a walk down memory lane.