Sewing seems holy to me when I am creating items in memory of someone.  I don’t always know details. In this case, I was asked to create three memory pillows from a dad’s shirts. I do know these will be for three very young children and my heart just aches for them.

I don’t usually watch movies during the week, but my daughter picked up “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” at the library. She and my husband were watching it as I worked and I was drawn in.

It’s an incredibly powerful and touching movie that focuses on the loss of a father in 9/11. There are four relationships between fathers and sons that are discussed in the film.

Yes, these are the times my work feels holy – and I’m grateful I can help someone hold onto a tangible memory.

Blog note: We are all down to the wire. You will see some quick posts over the next week or so as I wrap up a number of custom projects. Thanks, as always, for stopping by!