Annie and I are always admiring cute tote bags and purses.  At one of our college visits we saw a student carrying a tote bag that was made out of a football jersey.  We looked at each other and said, “we could make that!”

Both of my daughters are huge Brady Quinn fans.  We were attending a Notre Dame football game and waiting to see the football players walk by.  I had been on a diatribe about worshiping football players and that we were just part of that frenzy….when Brady walked by and I pushed my girls out of the way so I could be in front of the line!  (He was so cute!)

We were thrilled to learn that he was drafted by the Cleveland Browns and quickly acquired lots of Brady gear.  Well, after disappointment in Cleveland (who never game him a chance in our opinion) he is off to Denver where we hope he has success.

Meanwhile, Annie has a new bag!

She worked on this bag, secluded in her studio, for days. She wanted to surprise me – she didn’t ask for any help until I heard frustration in her voice.

She was using her original jersey and materials she found around the house.  She wanted to have a vinyl strap, but was struggling sewing it.  That’s when I stepped in to help.

But I was amazed at how well she constructed the bag.  She lined it with orange polar fleece, added a tie closure and used the striped portion of the jersey to make the sides.

I’m proud of her!  (Annie is 14 and her Etsy shop is The Pink Paintbrush.)