With long winters here in Northeast Ohio, getting outdoors is important for physical and mental well-being! My daughter and I packed up some soup for a picnic in the park. We grabbed the camera and my only two finished knitting objects of the season!

I won this lovely handspun yarn so long ago I can’t even credit the creator. I tried and tried to make Calorimetry work but never succeeded. So many times I thought I’d have it knit between #CLE and #COL but I was always ripping it out. It has been widely discussed that there are problems with the pattern and photos. It’s simply math…you’d think I’d be able to figure it out. But I found the Tabata pattern from Knitspot  and love the result. I didn’t bind off in pattern, but kept the ridge anyway. And here I am, big mouth and all, not even wearing it properly on my head. It’s a quick project and easy to grab and go for a walk or run.

I also finished my Jane Eyre shawl.  The pattern, Eyre of Romance, is very well written. I made 5 sections instead of the 3 (if I recall correctly) that the pattern calls for.

I like the Cascade Ecological Wool and I like to look at the shawl. It is very warm. Alas, I do not look anything like Jane Eyre when I wear it.

I think I’m just a “broad”…..with a “broad” back that is.  I’m just not sure I like the ruffles along my back.

Nevertheless, It is cozy wrapped around my neck like a shawl.

I will update my Ravelry page with details.