I am so happy with these socks.  Not because they are a great work of art, but because they make the third pair of hand knit socks in my drawer!  I admire the sock knitters of the world who can crank out a pair a week.  I’m not capable of that but I so so so love my wool socks!  I feel like such a granny.  Even when we are going out on the town or getting dressed up for a wedding, I find myself wishing I could wear socks and not some awful pair of trouser socks or hose.  (I usually do opt for some kind of dressier sock rather than hose when I wear pants.)  Warm feet = warm body.

These socks are made from Red Heart “Heart & Sole” purchased from Herrschner’s.

This photo’s for Marie, who thought my first photo of this sock (posted on Ravelry) was taken overlooking my back yard.  I only wish my back yard was the Atlantic Ocean!  No, this is my back yard.  Pleasant enough, but truly my husband’s domain.  (I’m a city girl.)
Here’s one last photo of our quiet back yard.  Soon, you will see something amazing in all that empty space.  Stay tuned!