I am happy to be a woman, born in the 1960s, who was given so many choices and encouraged in all that I have chosen to do throughout life.  I do not wish I was living in the 1800s.  But why I am drawn to things like this?

I adore this cape.  Yes, I probably think I would look like the model if I wear it….or perhaps I have visions of  walking along the English countryside in it, but I love it nevertheless.  (If you look closely, the model is wearing spandex – not me!)  I don’t think I would wear it, but I do think my daughters would look cute in it.  And, in a practical sense, it would be a nice jacket to wear over the formal dresses my daughter wears for her concerts.   The jacket pattern is from BurdaStyle.  I love their fashions and the patterns are copyright free.  This means I could make and sell this cape.  I think it would be a fun item to sell in my Etsy shop.  Someday….

Why would a modern woman like myself love to read Jane Austen?  Why do I love the Austen movies?  And Becoming Jane ranks as one of my favorites!  (James Mcavoy!!!) I think her stories are timeless.  When you get down to the nuts and bolts of human relationships, some things never change.  Recently, I have been reading works by Elizabeth Gaskell, including Cranford, Wives and Daughters and Ruth.  There are wonderful BBC productions of the first two.  Ruth is the story of a single mother – and this was written in the 1800s!   It is a touching and, at times, heart wrenching story.  Reading these books also makes me appreciate my life today.

Check out this post about the Dickensian Festival over at the fantastic blog Even Venus.  I think it would be great fun!  I could even dress the part…but for now, I’ll pull on my jeans and wool socks.