….of a complete day to sew….from start to finish.

If I had such a day, I’d like to tackle:

1.  These Amazing Fit patterns from Simplicity.  I am working on improving my fit and I’d love to make my own pair of pants.  I do not have a body that fits into today’s current styles.  In other words, I still have a waist that is above my belly button and do not wish to expose the general public to anything below that.  (Why do I still try on pants at Target?  They never look good on me.)  I have very strong opinions on today’s pants and how awful they look except on the most fit teens and women….but that’s a post for another day.

2.  These dresses.  I like simple lines and love the color-blocked sheath dress.  I would probably make these with a sleeve because, well, see #1, the same applies to my arms.  Plus, I will look like Audrey Hepburn if I make the one on the left and the sophisticated model on the right – right?

3.  A classic shirt dress and a classic trench coat.  I think the coat could update my look instantly.

4.  I love to sew coats.  I picked up this pattern for daughters, but I would make it without the flounce for myself.

5.  My nephew is expecting a baby, so I thought a little gift sewing was in order.  I want to make bibs out of his old t-shirts (plus a t-shirt quilt for the baby!)

6.  The rest of these are for my oldest daughter – some potentially for her concert.

I would have to modify the v-neck on this one!

A girl can dream, can’t she?