I like to use Pinterest as a way to keep track of ideas. When people say they spend hours on Pinterest, I have to admit that I don’t. I suppose if I wanted to search an idea, I would search there. But, mostly, I use it as my own bulletin board to keep track of ideas I stumble in my daily adventures on the web.

I think this teapot pincushion is adorable. It would certainly brighten up my sewing studio! How about these fabric magnet? What a fun way to use up some fabric scraps! A great gift idea for your sewing friends, too!

This one – well, you know some folks in my family might like this!

Have you ever sewed pillows? Do you like to insert a zipper so you can clean it? I have been creating a lot of pillow cases for customers and have discovered a great tutorial here on how to install an invisible zipper. I don’t have an invisible zipper foot, but simply use my regular zipper foot.  The genius of this tutorial is that you buy a zipper longer than the width of the pillow, sew to the ends and cut off the unused portion. I also found a way to simplify the tutorial further by having the zipper pull at a location beyond the edges of the pillow – so easy to sew!

I used it to create this pillow using an old T shirt of a customer’s 17-year-old son.

I tried to straighten that T Shirt to no avail. Sometimes transfers and even T Shirts in general have an unusual bias in them.

How about fashion? Oh boy, the inspiration is always more than sewing time would allow! I did sign up for an online class at Craftsy.  It is the Couture Dress class. I love that you can see finished dresses from other members. I haven’t started the class yet. After you purchase it, they send you the pattern. The class teaches fitting techniques and I’m always looking to improve my fitting skills.

I would like to make a color blocked version, with sleeves, of course!

I have also seen some fun patterns from Burda.

The color on this one! I love the green jewel tone! The dress – well, I don’t think it would look good on my lumpy body….but a girl can dream….

That’s enough inspiration for one day. If you want to follow along, you can follow all my boards at Maiden Jane, my Fashion Sewing board, my Sewing Tips board and my DIY board, to name a few.