The Blue Jeans Shawl is coming along.  
It’s a fairly simple knit, and one that I have been able to bring along to the auditions, but it still requires a bit of concentration.
So I cast on for the Pressed Flowers Carry All.
I am very excited about this!  It was an adventure in dyeing.  I used RIT’s denim blue and I’m pleased with the results.
Not only will this be a fun tote to have but I needed something that involved some mindless knitting.   I can knit this while reading blogs!  
I have been holding on to this swatch that I made – can’t even remember how many – years ago. 
It’s a lovely denim yarn that is waiting to be knit into a sweater for me.  Someday.
I will probably design my own sweater using Sweater Wizard since I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for.  I remember seeing Kyra Sedgwick in a denim sweater in the movie Phenomenon, but I can’t find a picture.
My dear friends gave me this belated birthday gift.  (There were also some wonderful Notre Dame gifts!)
They know that I love to bestow my woolens on others, so decided to wrap me up in this gorgeous wool boucle!

I love my “blues”…probably cuz I’m a basic blue jeans kinda gal.
Did all this talk of blues get you down?  Check out Kate’s giveaway.
She’s giving away three skeins of gorgeous handspun!