What is a Knitter’s Fantasy?

….finishing an Alice Starmore cabled creation in two weeks?
….buying all the yarn your heart desires?
….knitting a sweater and looking like the model who wore it in the pattern?
….knitting your entire family every sock and sweater they need?
….rolling around naked in luscious fibers?

Ok, ok, I’m getting carried away now…  As much as I may dream about these things, Knitter’s Fantasy is none of the above.  It is gathering of fiber-lovers in Youngstown Ohio that come together for a day of classes, fellowship, fashion show and market.  This was the 15th year for the event, which is sponsored by various guilds in Ohio and PA.  I had the opportunity to teach “My First Knitting Lesson.”  I have taught knitting to a lot of kids over the years and developed a relaxed approach to getting folks knitting.  I had four students – lovely women, most of whom could crochet but not knit.  I am happy to say they were all knitting by the time they left the class.  I have no pictures to share, but my students were just a delight.  And Dusty, Rebecca, Phyllis, and Sarah, I forgot to give you the evaluation form, so if you want to publicly flog me on this forum, go right ahead!

The fashion show included some lovely shawls, including an amazing bridal veil!  There were color work sweaters, shrugs, Barbie outfits, scarves, to name a few of the amazing items shown.   Two November Ruffles were shown.

Since this was designed by our LYS owner, Kate Jackson, I decided to catch the wave and bought a kit to make my very own.  Now I can’t wait until Fall!!!  (OK, maybe I can…)

I also thought it was a good time to expand my knitting library with the first volume of  Barbara Walker’s “A Treasury of Knitting Patterns”

I enjoyed the day immensely!  I’d love to hear what your knitter’s fantasy is….