As many of you know, I went through the college search process with my son last year.  One of the joys of having children 18 months apart is that I’m doing that again this year!  Except that I’m rather burned out.  Brilliant daughter has her eyes set on a very few favorite colleges.  No, it isn’t Michigan!

She saw a few colleges last year with my son.  Others we will look at after she gets accepted.  But we took a weekend to head to Chicago last month.

I had driven the Ohio Turnpike many times in my college days and found it quite boring.  But on this lovely fall day I thought it looked scenic and had my daughter snap photos as we were driving by at 65 MPH.

We even saw constructions workers working!

Chicago!  I love that city!

You never know what you might see….like this person walking out on a beam!

Who wouldn’t want to go to school where there are two beaches on campus?

And the best part about visiting campuses?  Checking out the local food!  We had a lovely meal at this little Italian restaurant.