When you have a high school senior, you can expect to go to a lot of graduation parties.  You know I have made a lot of T Shirt Quilts for high school grads.  But a sweatshirt tote makes a great gift, too!

 There is no shortage of extra OSU sweatshirts where I come from….and this young lady, the co-valedictorian with my daughter, is excited to be heading to Columbus!

We enjoyed a lovely evening at her party.  I ran into one of my son’s teachers there, and she asked how my summer was going.  I said it was good since my son was still intact.  Last summer he chipped his two front teeth off.  The summer before that, one week into vacation, he broke his arm very badly.  There was monkeying around at bedtime with airsoft guns and he accidentally got shot in the eye.  It was truly frightening.  We didn’t take him to the ER because we ascertained that it hit the white of the eye, but we still had a very rough night.  The ophthalmologist saw him first thing in the morning and determined that he will be fine.  Still, no baseball and swimming for two weeks.  Next year, I think I will skip summer…..