Take one huge box filled with old clothes from two little baby boys (at least 80 articles of clothing)….
Take one big breath….and start cutting…

 Attempt to take pictures with one very active and adorable 16-month-old who just woke up from a nap…

 Baby therapy!!!

What mom of four teens wouldn’t love spending time with this joyful little guy?
The girls and I borrowed my neighbor’s son and his bedroom to snap some photos of my newest Baby Clothes Blankets.

 Yep!  I can’t even remember my kids when they were this little….and cute…and precious….

The mom who ordered the blankets wanted a minky backing.  (Remember the one I made with chenille?) I have made some T Shirt Baby Blankets using minky but was not sure they were thick enough.  I’m so used to the thickness of fleece.  So I decided to add a layer of flannel to these blankets to add a little extra body.

I used bibs, button downs, sleepers, polo shirts, bathing suits…

I added embroidered names for Henry and Oliver!

Dare I even tell you that he ended up plowing into the end railing and got a bloody lip?

This customer/mom was very patient waiting for these blankets.  I hope she and her boys, now 4 and 7, love them!  I am returning to my “regularly scheduled” queue of quilt orders.  Some folks who did not have a graduation deadline have been patient and I’m eager to get their blankets out.

With that said, my queue is very close to being closed for Christmas.  If you are considering ordering a blanket as a holiday gift, please contact me asap.