I am trying to set aside time to focus on personal sewing on the evenings and weekends instead of always working. (I have a new Gantt system which I’ll share soon!  For those of you who know me, you know I’m eternally searching for a better system to manage my orders!)

Linden Sweatshirt

I don’t sew for myself very often, but I love to read about others that do. I had been seeing the Linden Sweatshirt on my Instagram feed and when I saw Lauren’s (of Baste and Gather) version, I went searching for quilted jersey fabric immediately! Lauren eliminated the lower edge ribbing and added a vent instead. She also eliminated the sleeve band. I made the same modifications, but kept my front and back the same length, whereas she lengthened the back


Linden Sweatshirt

I purchased the pink fabric at Imagine Gnats. I washed it right away, which is something I try to do with all my fabrics so that when I do find time to sew, I’m ready. Late Friday afternoon, I prepped the pattern pieces, read through the pattern and cut out the pieces. That way, I was ready to sew Saturday morning.

Linden Sweatshirt

This pattern was such a delight to sew! There are only five pieces. I used my serger to sew them together. I added six inches to the front and back pieces. I also added three inches to the sleeve as I planned to eliminate the sleeve band, also. I used a self rib for the neckband but added a bit of extra width. I cut mine to about 2.5″ wide. Instead of serging the side seams together, I serged them separately. I stitch them together using my sewing machine, stopping 6″ before the bottom. I turned edges under and used a twin needle to topstitch. I also used a twin needle to topstitch the neckband, with one needle in the ditch and one below the ditch.


This was so much fun to sew because it came together so quickly! I started it in the morning, and finished it before my morning run! (OK, it was almost noon….but still!) I love the vibrant color. It’s about time to give up my woolens for spring weather and this sweatshirt will perfect to layer over a T Shirt or blouse.


Now maybe I’ll get back to that Archer sew a long that I didn’t get very far “a long!”

Linden Sweatshirt