I have been enjoying running for several years now. I started running through the Couch to 5k Program and have run a few 5Ks since then!  You can read about my first, muddy run through a beautiful winery here and another one along Lake Erie here.

My family chuckled at me when they heard I was going to run. “You’re too old, you’ll get hurt,….” were some of the things I heard. But I persevered, surprised them and even motivated them. My husband joins me now and is on a quest to earn enough T Shirts for me to make him a blanket! (We both have a way to go.)

I participated in the Color Run this year, which was a different experience. I enjoy the festive atmosphere at the races but I was a bit overwhelmed by the number of people here (over 8,000). It took 45 minutes to get through the start gate. Once we were out on the roads, however, it was fun.

The variety of races these days is quite interesting. On any given weekend you can find challenging runs, runs for great causes and runs that intersperse a bit of fun!

I noticed our nearby town hosting its inaugural run and thought it sounded like fun – flat course, tech T shirt, pint glass, tote bag, and 3 beers. Yes, you read that right, 3 BEERS! (From a wine run to a beer run….do you notice a theme with me?)

I decided to sponsor the Downtown Willoughby 5K.  Not only does it sound like it will be a fun, festive atmosphere, but it supports a great cause: Make A Wish foundation.  There is even a way to roll back your time based on the donations you collect. So if you are in Northeast Ohio, consider joining me in running this 5K!

As I drive around town and see all those 13.1s and 26.2s I get an inferiority complex. I don’t know that I will ever even try to achieve those kinds of distances, but I have noticed that runners are serious about their running and their races! I think that there must be some runners with quite a few race shirts. And although I have created blankets that have included a few running shirts or memory pillows out of race shirts, I have never created an entire “running blanket.”

Memory Pillow from Tokyo Marathon – more photos here.

So in the spirit of my love of running, the fun Willoughby 5K, and my desire to showcase a runner’s blanket, I am hosting my first-ever T Shirt Memory Blanket Giveaway!

I am a custom sewing studio. I sew and create a variety of items. You can learn more about me and my shop on my website, Maiden Jane or on my Etsy shop. I have created memory blankets for wedding and graduation gifts and in memory of deceased love ones. My memory blankets are affordable and practical – they are meant to be used! They are backed in cozy polar or sweatshirt fleece. You can read a little more about them here on my FAQ page.

I make a variety of blanket sizes. The smallest blanket uses 9 T Shirt sides and is considered a lap quilt size. I often use this size for baby blankets and use the T shirts of the parents-to-be.

My most popular size is the 12 Block T Shirt Blanket.

A 20 Block Blanket has all the shirts sewn together.

The 25 Block Blanket is about 6′ square.

It’s big enough for 2!

And finally, my Hodge Podge Blanket makes use of approximately 30 – 40 shirts.

So if you have 9, 12, 20, 25, or 30+ running shirts, I have a blanket to fit your needs!!!! I can use the front and back of a shirt, so you don’t necessarily need that many shirts – but “sides.”

So if you want to participate in this giveaway, take a look at the rules and enter via the Rafflecopter below.

The rules:

1. Shirts must be from running events.
2. Contest open to US residents only.
3. Value is between $150 – $220.
4. Contest Runs from 7/1 – 7/31 with all entries and winner managed via Rafflecopter below.
5. Winner will be notified by email.
5. You will ship the shirts to me at your expense (typically under $20) by mid-August. I will work with you to create a blanket and ship it to you at my expense.

**********  EXTENDED THROUGH THE WEEKEND! ***********************

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Since this is a DIY blog, I also hope to share some of my running related tutorials with you. For starters, you can check out my DIY Armband Case.

I will add a few more throughout the month and if you have any tutorials to share, feel free to send me a link or share it in the comments.

Can’t wait to hear your wonderful ideas and stories!