“Little girls, little girls, everywhere I turn, I can see them….” I don’t know why that song from Annie popped into my head, but I can just imagine the little girls when they see these colorful bags!

I was privileged to create “dream bags” for little girls as part of Make For Good on Hatch.  All of my projects are complete, but there are still projects waiting for sponsors.

 This was a seemingly simple task – to take the design drawn by the young girl and translate it into fabric.  But it was challenging to select the fabrics and plan out the dimensions. Whenever I could, I added a touch of bling in the fabric. I used fusible fleece to give the bags some body. The finished bags are about 14″ x 14″.

There’s a lot of photos here, but I wanted to preserve each one. I hope the girls enjoy seeing their designs come to life.

I’m considering adding this customized tote bag on my Hatch shop. What do you think?

This bag is for a big fan of the WWE!