I have a customer who is a marathon runner. Some time ago I made her a pillow with an extra shirt she had from the Tokyo Marathon (all I can say is, WOW!)

When I worked on the pillow, I did some color-blocked piecing on the backside to work in two smaller motifs on the shirt.

She asked if I could do something similar with two sweatshirts that belonged to her mom.

She selected the fabrics and sent them all to me – the tie dye and floral flannel for the front and a blue polar fleece for the back. I love the color combinations!

I used a couple plain pieces of sweatshirt and after I had the blanket completed, I noticed a small hole in this sweatshirt.  I decided to applique a flower over it.

Although I expected this to be easier than my standard blankets, there is more designing/planning as you go. I try to achieve a balance of shapes and colors. And then you have to get the sizes to work together, so there is always a bit of math involved!

I created a  listing for this type of blanket to give options to people who have fewer shirts and you can find it here on my Etsy shop.