It’s football season! All of my kids have participated in marching band over the years and currently my freshman and senior are involved!
So, naturally, I run in “band” circles…..  You might remember I made this marching band uniform pillow for a friend whose son graduated from high school.
I was really pleased with the pillow. Since she sent me the entire uniform, I just couldn’t get rid of the pants.

The pants had a great stripe along the side and two large straps. I pondered what to make and decided a quick and simple tote would be the way to go! There is a ton of room on the top of these pants before the crotch. So I laid out the pants flat, with the stripes on the side and cut across, just above the crotch.

Next, I rotated the pants so that I could use the existing shoulder straps as the bag straps.

I turned the bag inside out so that right sides were facing – stripe-to-stripe.

I stitched and serged across the bottom and created a 2″ boxed bottom. That’s it!

The shape looks a little wonky, but it looks really cute in person. It tapers a bit. I think it would be a great – “Band Mom” bag!

It’s a perfect bag to stow away your bleacher seat cushions and stadium blanket.

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