Annie, of Pink In Mind, is my sewing daughter. She has a good eye for design and is learning about sewing. She whipped up this beach bag and appliqued the free-handed anchor.

She helps me quite a bit around the house, including dishes and vacuuming. Last summer, when I encouraged her to find a job, she said she didn’t need one. Her Etsy shop kept her busy enough. And, boy, was she right.

She kept very busy making custom bridal clutches and other items in her shop.

She also gets a lot of requests from local friends and family, like this Kindle case.

Recently, she was a runner-up on a contest over at Instructables.

She is a budding fashion designer and has a great eye for design. So this summer, she is helping me with design ideas, shopping, and website matters. She is working on her Etsy shop and babysitting as well as having fun. She has a lot of really nice friends and they do a lot socially.

Keep on sewing, Annie!