No, not THAT maker, but me! I am a maker.
I make things.
I get great satisfaction from creating useful items for my customers.
I love that they pass through my hands.
Many people who aren’t familiar with the online world of handmade will learn about what I do and say, “you should go on that show, Shark Tank.”
They don’t really understand. I don’t have a brilliant idea that I need financial backing for so that I can produce a million gizmos in China to sell to the hungry consumers…..
I create.
With my hands.
One item at a time.
I work directly with my customers.
This is the new way.
Or perhaps, the new, old way.
I started on Etsy.
I built my own website.
And now I am proud to be a maker on two amazing websites:
Take a look at those websites. Connect with the makers.  “Get what you want, custom made.”
Speaking of makers, my daughters are both having sales in their shops:
Happy Cyber Monday!