Do you know how crazy you have to be to be a Cleveland sports fan? Well, let’s just say, Bill Belichick used to couch the Browns before he was run out of town and proceeded to win a million super bowls. Or that guy LeBron James….well, you have heard about him perhaps. We have all the good players and coaches, until they move on to the good teams!

So we have lots of memorabilia that doesn’t quite make sense….like the Brady Quinn Browns jerseys in our closet….or this Jim Thome baseball shirt.

But this shirt belonged to a wonderful woman and mother to my friend. She still had the shirt and is giving it to her nephew, the son of her late brother. So this shirt is chock full of memories – more than just memories of when Thome played for the Indians. A perfect shirt to turn into a memory pillow.

That book, Baseball Americana, we picked up as a gift for my son. It’s a nice book filled with great photos.

The month of May is madness for me. It is filled with concerts, the start of baseball, track meets, end-of-year picnics, college kids moving back in, a grade school graduation, and the busiest season for my business.

Oversized Beach Tote in custom color.

I am blessed and fortunate to be working with my hands every day. My business has grown steadily and at a pace that enables me to still manage my family life (albeit with a little more dust….) I am trying to find the best ways to balance my time and be more productive. Sometimes I am working late into the evening, but that’s because a chunk of my day was needed for homework or cooking or general running around. But I am grateful to be working full-time doing what I enjoy! Maybe, at 50, I have finally figure out what I want to “do with my life.”

Here’s to summer!