I did it. I cut into my first wedding dress. Well, that’s not true. I cut my wedding dress apart three years ago. It sat, “preserved” for 30 years under my bed. My daughter tried it on and it was awful. The beads turned black and the shoulder pads were oh so 80s…I did save the silk taffeta however.

Anyway, this is the first time a client has entrusted a wedding dress to me. She sent her beloved mother’s 1958 lace wedding gown with the hopes I could make  angel ornaments out of it.

I started with Pinterest inspiration. And then I hit the craft stores. Numerous times, back and forth. They were all very accommodating with my returns. My client and I settled on this design which combined the lace of the dress with the rustic burlap ribbon.

My husband took on halo duty and they are wrapped to perfection.

I attempted two heart ornaments as well. Mainly so I could put them on my Etsy shop. I’ve created numerous heart ornaments out of sweaters and shirts and wanted to have a wedding dress option. But hearts are hard! Making the first cut into a wedding dress was challenging. But it was a lot of fun creating these angels and I hope they bring my client and her family members comfort and joy.