I have had an idea that I have shared with a few clients and wanted to put together a simple tutorial to share with you.

As more people approach me to make memory pillows, they often want to share special items with siblings, kids and grandchildren. Sometimes there is not enough fabric to make a lot of pillows. Other times, there is quite a bit of added expense. I have various Pinterest boards that I share with clients to provide inspiration on what I can make with their loved one’s clothes.

This angel ornament has been very popular. However, it is mainly constructed by hand and it is difficult for me to extend a discount for large quantities.

So I was thinking of other options that I could make for my clients – or that they could even make for themselves! Most of them tell me, “I’m not crafty!” But I think anyone can make this – it’s very simple. Of course, I would be happy to make them for my clients. This can work with an old shirt, too. You don’t have to have a Christmas tie to enjoy this at Christmas. I could see plaids and stripes working very well. It doesn’t even have to be thought of as an ornament. It could be hung on a door handle or the wall as a simple memory.

To start, gather a tie or shirt, scissors, ribbon, a seam ripper a 3″ embroidery hoop. I purchased mine from Joann’s.

Use the seam ripper to carefully remove the stitches along the back seam of the tie. Open and press the tie. You don’t have to go all the way up – just far enough to get about 6″ or so of fabric.

Place the embroidery hoop on the pressed fabric and cut a circle around it adding about an inch. You can see I did a very choppy job, but that doesn’t matter because it will be trimmed.

After loosening the screw on the top, place the outside hoop over the fabric and slide the smaller hoop underneath. Press down on the outer hoop until the smaller hoop snaps in. You can pull the edges of the fabric and then tighten the screw to clamp the two hoops together.

Once the fabric and hoops are secure, turn it over and, using your scissors, trim the excess fabric close to the hoop.

Tie a ribbon to the top and you are done! Didn’t I tell you this was easy?