I received a large box of lady’s scarves. Most of them were silky and of all colors and textures. There were also some wooly types. My client asked me to make four pillows. The goal was to use as many different scarves on each pillow.

I decided to create a 25 block design to fit an 18″ pillow. I interfaced the scarves with Pellon woven SF101 interfacing since so many of the fabrics were delicate. It affected the color of some of the transparent scarves. I decided to keep all the wooly fabrics together.

For the remaining pillows, I wasn’t sure if my client wanted to group them by color or not, so I laid out the blocks in three separate color families. But when my client saw them, she realized she really wanted a mixture of the scarves, so I shuffled them all up. After I finished sewing them, she asked if I had enough blocks to make one more!

I love the colorful, patchwork! The lively colors evoke joy in me and, I hope, comfort in my clients.