I was honored (and proud) to create nine pillow cases for a customer who came back to me after I created one for her. I believe she will be giving them as Christmas gifts.

I know you have heard me say this before, but I wish I had some of my dad’s shirts. I think pillows are a wonderful way to preserve memories of a loved one. Don’t you just love the shirts?

For all of my memory pillows, I sell them as pillow cases to simplify shipping. In this case, I did not have 9 pillows to properly showcase the pillow cases!

If you would like a memory pillow, of course I can make one for you.  But, if you have the barest of sewing skills, you CAN make this on your own! I initially saw it on Martha Stewart here.

The beauty of using a button-down shirt is that you only have to sew around a square! That’s it. There are no zippers to insert, no velcro – the buttons are the way you open and close it to insert pillow form.

It doesn’t have to be a memory pillow. Raid your husband’s closet and make some masculine pillows for the man cave. What about an old flannel shirt for something cozy and wintry?  (I’d love to have my husband stop wearing the same old flannel shirt every day!)

Give it a try!