I had the opportunity to work with Robin, a long-time client. I think this is my seventh project for her! Many of her projects present challenges.

The first was this lovely needlework panel. I retained the beige border and then use linen to make an edging and backing. The linen has enough taupe to match the inside of the motif.

The next pillow was to be created using a vintage Girl Scouts vest. I wasn’t sure I could fit all of it on one side, so I simply started by cutting the vest apart. I purchased a green fabric that was as close to Girl Scout green as I could find. And then I stitched the various parts of the vest and sash to the green base.

I used this fantastic vintage scarf for the back!

Finally, I created these two tie pillows in a sunburst-inspired pattern. Working in a smaller square made it harder to condense the ties, but I think it works. We used a wedgewood blue fabric that I had available as the center and the ties are sewn, again, onto a linen base. I thought the bound edging would be a nice way to finish these off.